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Word Counter – Fast and Accurate Word Count Software At Hand

Every one of us may need to make a word count in texts from time to time. School, work or study sometimes require it of us. Fortunately, you don't have to do it yourself, because clever online tools – Character and Word counter – come to the rescue. Our online Word counter can be used by any Internet user from either a computer or a mobile device.

Okay, but how to use the Character counter? How were words in texts counted before the computer age? And who needs a word count on a daily basis anyway? In this article, you learn all about Word counter and everything related to it.

Text word count

Not so long ago, authors of articles for newspapers or magazines had to count every word or even letter themselves to meet the requirements of their editors-in-chief. Are those days gone? Do authors and copywriters still have to rely on their character and word count?

Fortunately not! The ubiquitous computerisation and the replacement of humans by machines extend even to such simple tasks as word count. And this is where our Word counter plays the first fiddle. It allows everyone to count the characters in an entire text, to find out how many words we have written, how many sentences we have used in it, and even which letters occur most frequently in the text.

What possibilities does the Word counter offer?

We already know what an online Word counter is, but what possibilities does it offer? Our word counter is a multi-purpose tool. As we have already mentioned, it allows you to count not only words, letters and characters, but also the number of sentences, paragraphs and special characters such as full stops, commas, exclamation marks, etc. You can also find out how many times you have used each letter, vowel or consonant and how many numbers are present. In a nutshell, this is a full-fledged universal tool with which you learn all possible statistics related to the words in the text you have written.

How does the Word counter work?

We already know our Word counter, but how does it work? Do you need to be computer savvy and be acquainted with the different search parameters like in Excel? Or perhaps you need specialised software to use it? Well, the answer is short: no, no and no. Our online Word and Character counter is very straightforward. Any internet user, regardless of age or experience, can easily handle it, and below you have a short instruction manual to use our word counter to take care of your word and character count.

Word counter – brief usage instructions

You do not need any special skills or experience to use a Word counter. However, this does not mean that it does everything for you.

If you want to make a word and character count of your text, you should write or copy it into the field designated for this purpose and press the "count" button. You immediately see the results on the same page below the area with the text you entered. If a letter is not present in the text, it will not be shown in the results, whereas any letters appearing in the text will be listed in alphabetical order.

Yes, it is that simple. Even a child can use our Word counter, so you should manage too.

Word counter – who might benefit from character and word count software?

At times, anyone may need to use a Word counter to count the number of words or letters used in their text, article or research paper. It may be related to your profession, school or studies. That is why we have tried to make our Word counter as simple and intuitive to use as possible – so that its use is child's play. Our letter and Word counter work as a universal calculator that can be used by everyone big and small.

However, some professions require the use of similar tools daily. No wonder journalists, copywriters and content creators writing for newspapers, blogs, and websites have top-down text lengths and have to fit their articles almost to the letter. Marketers and SEO specialists all over the world use word counters because they are also accountable for the length of the texts they write and have to keep to the proportions set by search engines such as Google. Students who write credit and dissertation papers cannot do without a word counter.

Its use is versatile, which is why we have made our calculator so simple and multi-purpose. Anyone, from a child to a senior citizen, can easily learn to use it to count characters and all other possible statistics.

Professions requiring word, letter and character count the most

Occasionally, everyone finds it necessary to make words and character count. However, some professionals need to use the Word counter every day.

The professions most frequently using Word counter include:

These are just examples of jobs whose duties may require word count. However, this is not an exhaustive list. When working in other professions, sometimes tasks arise that also require word or letter counting, and that's when a free online Word Counter comes to the rescue again.

Word counter in various work-related tools and social networks

Modern work tools and the development of social networks determine the frequency of use of various communicators and social media sites. They set their limits on the maximum number of messages sent or the number of characters used in a post. Here, our word counter comes to the rescue, as it allows you to keep track of these differences and stay within the set limits.

Simply type in any text and see if it falls within the norms of your particular communicator. If the text is too long, you get the notification, and when it is too short, you can use the free space for an additional message. Try it out and see for yourself how easy it is.

The Internet is a new medium that is constantly growing and changing. It can be compared to a giant street in a city, and a web address is a kind of street address on that street. The better the address, the more customers you have. To inform potential customers about it, you need to take care of positioning referred to as SEO. The algorithms affecting SEO position are constantly developed by Google and other search engine manufacturers. They set rigid rules and methods for influencing SEO results. One of the basic elements is the correct completion of meta tags, taking into account the length limits imposed by Google. Through our word and character count, you can easily fit the meta tags into the perfect pattern, using all the space available. See the following list of word and character limits for the popular software and social networks we use every day.

Word counter in e-mail correspondence

Have you ever received an e-mail at work that, by its length, resembled two volumes of a Tolstoy book more than an e-mail? Did you want to read it? If not, then do not do the same to others. Paste the text you wrote into our Character counter and count its length. If it's too long, shorten it. Of course, every situation is different, but try not to use more than 500 characters with spaces in one e-mail.

Word counter in CVs, applications and official documents

The standard length for any written text is 2,000 characters with spaces per sheet. But we all know that too long a text in a CV or official documents can only discourage the reader. Therefore, it is better to do a word count to check the length and proportions of the text you have written before sending it to the addressee. Our free Word counter makes this task significantly easier for you and helps you to adjust the content length to the desired size.

Word Counter on Twitter

Are you a Twitter fan? Or maybe your job is to publish short tweets every day, and you are afraid to exceed the permitted message length? Say no more! From now on, you can check the length of every message you write and adjust it directly on our portal if necessary. Do a character count to see how much of the allowed limit you have used and how much space you still have left. Twitter's character limit for a single message is 280. With our Word counter, you may make the most of this medium.

Word Counter on LinkedIn

More and more companies are hiring specialists not only for Facebook and Twitter but also for LinkedIn. Digital agencies and sales bots have learned to use this medium to generate leads and sell their products. You too should start to sell on LinkedIn. Our Word counter helps you to adjust your messages to an optimal size of no more than the 2,000-character limit and increase the effectiveness of your advertising message. Use our calculator and expand your business today.

Word Counter on Facebook

Facebook is a relatively liberal portal when it comes to applicable limits and restrictions. Of course, you won't publish your book here, but the 20,0000 character limit in Messenger gives you quite a lot of freedom to write about any topic. However, the limits for short summaries of 255 characters and your account name of 50 characters can already be a bit of a challenge for professionals working with this portal daily. The word and character counter would help you also to work on Facebook when creating texts, messages and posts.

Word counter in SMS

We all know what an SMS is. The literal translation from English is Short Message Service. But does anyone remember that it used to be that a phone screen could only fit 160 characters in an SMS message? Certainly, not many people are aware of this, but this limit still applies today. Simply put phone manufacturers no longer limit the text field to 160 characters and allow you to write a longer message, which is then automatically split into shorter ones of 160 characters each. The author and addressee think it is one message, but in fact, the phone sends several in proportion to the length of the text. The Word counter aids you in controlling the length of the SMS messages you send and keeping an eye on the expense of your phone bill.

Word Counter on Instagram

Instagram is all about photos. But did you know that on this Facebook-owned portal you can also write messages? And not just any messages, but up to 2,200 characters each. These can be added as descriptions to photos to increase the power of your marketing message or to call users to action. Our Word counter allows you to control the length of these communications by sizing them to the appropriate size.

Word Counter on Pinterest

Pinterest, like Instagram, is a visual paradise. The sites are different, although both mainly feature images. However, you can boost your message by including a description below your image – limited to 500 characters. We are happy to assist you in meeting this limit and tailor each description to suit your requirements.

Word counter – summary

The Word counter is such a simple and universal tool that absolutely anyone can use it. Regardless of age or computer skills, all you have to do is to type or paste in your text and press "count". Our calculator will give you all the possible statistics related to your text and the letters, numbers and special characters used. It's a trivially simple, fast and versatile tool for everyone to make your work easier, faster, and more enjoyable. Be sure to give our Word counter a try.